Visser Kaashandel bv Nijverheidsweg 20
1271 EA Huizen

T: (+31) 035-6568000

Visser Kaashandel B.V.

Visser Cheese is a family-run business which is active as a wholesaler/exporter on the international cheese market. The main export market for Visser cheese remains Germany however. By means of Service-focused entrepreneurship, and personal contact, Visser Cheese tries to react quickly on new opportunities and developments in the international cheese market. Visser Cheese sells all types of Dutch cheese, ranging from Gouda wheels and foil blocks, to Maasdammer and goat’s cheese. Visser Cheese delivers to all types of customers, ranging from small wholesalers or cheese stores to supermarket organizations and large wholesale organizations.

By properly investing in new production technologies, Visser Cheese is able to store and maintain around 2000 tonnes of cheese, while sending approximately 15 million kilo’s of cheese on its way to consumers worldwide each year. Using it’s Just in Time order system, Visser Cheese can generally deliver its products in a very short time frame.


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