Visser Kaashandel bv Nijverheidsweg 20
1271 EA Huizen

T: (+31) 035-6568000

Production process

Visser resides in a modern warehouse, which is equipped with a state of the art production facility. This technology offers Visser Kaashandel the ability to perform the entire production cycle of storing, ripening, maintaining and processing of cheese. Due to the expansive automatisation, Visser Kaashandel is able to go through the production cycle in a (cost)efficient manner. Naturally, the entire production process is strictly monitored and subjected to the highest quality and hygiene demands.

Recently the production facility has been expanded with a new type of packaging line. This new line offers Visser the opportunity to also service the demand for cut and packaged cheese. With the inclusion of the new production line, Visser is now able to offer almost all varieties of cut and vacuum-packed cheese.

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