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Huizer Kaas gilde

In the year 2003, Visser Cheese set up an own brand under the name ‘Huizer Kaas Gilde’ which stands for Huizer cheese Guild. This brand contains almost all Dutch cheese types in the assortment of Visser Kaashandel, such as: Dutch Gouda wheels, Maasdammer, Gouda light (low fat) but also specialties such as tomato-olive and nettle cheese.

The Huizer Kaas Gilde brand is used as a substitute for the ‘blank’ cheese segment. By using the ‘Huizer Kaas Gilde’ brand, Visser Cheese is sending a credible signal about the quality of the product to its customers, as well as the end-consumers.

Important products in the ‘Huizer Kaas Gilde’ range are the ‘gilde’ young and matured. Images can be found on the right. Both are Dutch gouda 48% cheeses of high quality, which are traditionally ripened to their optimal age of approximately 4 and 16 weeks.

Our Huizer Kaas Gilde range also includes speciality cheeses such as cheese with nettles, with cumin and goat cheese. For the full range of products and further specification, please take a look at our company brochure, which can be downloaded here, or on the left side of the webpage.

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