Visser Kaashandel bv Nijverheidsweg 20
1271 EA Huizen

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As early as the year 1916, the company know known as Visser Kaashandel was fouded by mister Jan Visser. At that time, Mr. Visser started hawking cheese in the southern region of the Netherlands as well as the border region of Germany. As time passed, the trade in cheese began to grow, what eventually led to the opening of the first cheese warehouse of Visser Kaashandel in 1959. Besides being a storage facility, the warehouse was also used to ripen cheese. The wholesale cheese business is born.

In the years following the wholesale business start, the company growth rate was rising rapidly. Although the focus of Visser Cheese used to lie in the domestic market, the growth of the wholesale business was slowly moving this focus onto the German market. This was forcing Visser Cheese into a growing role as cheese exporter.

In the year 1985, the executive position passed fromJan Visser to his son Mees Visser and son-in-law Ad van Mill. Under their lead, Visser Cheese was slowly transformed into an export company in a brand new and ,at that time, state of the art warehouse. The new export business grew rapidly, especially with Germany. in the year 1996, the third generation entered the company in the person of Jasper van Mill.

In the last decade, Visser Kaashandel has tried to expand her export market to multiple European countries. By working closely with various importers, Visser is nowadays an important player in the European cheese market, which measures up to some of the larger private cheese companies in the Netherlands.



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