Visser Kaashandel bv Nijverheidsweg 20
1271 EA Huizen

T: (+31) 035-6568000


Due to the recent expansion of our production facilities with a state of the art packaging line, Visser Cheese is able to produce packaged cheese of high quality. All cheese is packed using the vacuum principle at Visser. This process works by removing the air from a plastic bag in which the cheese has been placed. Vacuum packing is a cost efficient way of significantly lengthening the shelf life of cut cheese.

Visser Kaashandel has the means to pack a large variety of cut cheese. The focus of Visser Cheese is however on industrial and cheese part packages. Examples of these types are: half, quarter and 1/8th pieces, 500 gram cuts, ‘swedisch cut’ pieces, and foil block loafs. Examples of the quarter piece and the Swedish cut piece can be found on the right. For the full range of our packed cheese assortment, please download the assortment list.

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